Verkerks Salamis are made to Aalt’s traditional recipes by fermenting a quality blend of meats and spices. The fermentation and smoking process allows the unique flavour of salami to develop. And like fine wine, this means that salami only gets better with age.


Verkerks salami is ready to eat straight out of the pack, and is great eaten in antipasto platters, sandwiches, or as a recipe ingredient. For some great recipe ideas check out Mary-Annes recipes.


If not used within a few days Verkerks salami should be removed from its plastic packaging, wrapped in a paper towel and left in a cool dry place like your fridge. Alternatively salami chubs can be hung in a cool dry place to allow further drying which intensifies the flavour. The traditional fermentation and smoking process used to make Verkerks salami makes it age beautifully.

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