Verkerks range of continental sausages are made using Aalt’s traditional recipes with a blend of naturally smoked high quality cuts of meat and spices. The tasty range includes classics such as Bier Sticks, Chorizo, Rookworst, Frankfurters, and New Zealand’s favourite the Kransky.


The Bier Sticks range is ready to eat, and is great on its own as a snack, or as a recipe ingredient. The other products including Rookworst, Frankfurters, and Kransky require cooking. Rook- worst and Frankfurters are great boiled and Kransky baked and fried. For super easy preparation all can be microwaved.


Continental sausages should be stored in the fridge 0-4oC and consumed within a week. The Bier Stick range are fine for several days if left in a cool dry place, ideal for camping and tramping.

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